Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Gregory David Roberts on Retiring from His Public Life

As the former president and CEO of Municipal Lighting Systems, Inc., in Miami, Florida, William Pino led the company in becoming the top supplier of outdoor lighting products in multiple South Florida municipalities. Outside of his professional life in Miami, William Pino is a fan of author Gregory David Roberts, and one of his favorite books is Roberts’ Shantaram

Published in 2003, Shantaram, which in many ways mirrors the author’s real life, centers on an Australian man who escapes prison and travels to Bombay, India, where he becomes embroiled in the city’s underbelly. In 2014, Roberts withdrew from public life, offering an explanation on his website. 

Roberts starts the letter by explaining the extent of his retirement, stating he will no longer give speeches, attend events, or conduct interviews. The author says he does not even have an email account, mobile phone, or social media presence. Instead, he hopes to devote his time to family, loved ones, and new projects. 

Insisting that he is not running away, Roberts instead calls it “creative seclusion.” He hopes his fans will understand his choices upon seeing and hearing what he is currently working on, which includes essays, graphic novels, novels, short stories, movies, and even music. The Mountain Shadow, the sequel to Shantaram, was published in 2015.