Thursday, February 2, 2017

Practice Makes Perfect When Learning a New Language


William Pino, an electrical engineer based in Miami, Florida, owned and operated a number of companies including Florida Lighting and Traffic, Municipal Lighting Systems, and Main Street Engineering. As a Miami businessman, William Pino conducted business in numerous countries. As a result, he has learned several languages including English, Spanish, Greek, French, Portuguese and Italian.

When learning a new language, every student needs to invest concentrated time. Whether completing lessons in a book or listening to audio lessons, dedicating daily time to one’s studies is essential. Some experts recommend learning up to 30 new words or phrases each day. As one progresses in skill, it is very helpful to practice the language by doing the following:

- Speaking the language to oneself or to native speakers.

- Watching movies or television shows, reading books, and listening to music in the chosen language.

- Finding a pen pal and communicating in the new language.

As one’s skills improve, it is important not to neglect pronunciation or grammatical details so that meaning is clearly understood. Making mistakes and learning from them is an essential ingredient to mastery of the new language.

Though there are many language programs on the market, ranging dramatically in cost, one must keep in mind that a program should be selected based on the student’s learning style.